Garden Art: Protect Your Special Flowers

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Bunnies will stay away.
Grow What You Want - Worryfree

We love gardening - but we hate the bunnies eating our flowers! (even though they are very cute). Have your bunnies and your flowers too!

We shop, we unload, we dig, we fertilize, we till, we plant, we sweat, and then we sit back to enjoy the fruits of our labor. We then go to bed after a very hard day's work.

AAUUURRGGGHHH! We awake to everything gone. &!@**#%$$. We basically bought our backyard bunnies lunch, dinner and a late night snack. My stomach feels sick, I begin to cry. Those darn rabbits are so cruel. They didn't even eat the flower!!! They just snap the stem off by the base and left it on the ground to die!

The USA has billions of rabbits living and eating in our backyards. Developers have created neighborhoods where forests and prairies used to be. Most animals have moved on....not the bunnies.

We invented a beautiful fence. It embellishes your garden AND protects. It is non-toxic, lasts for years, and protects those special, MEDIUM TO TALL flowers. The armour shield is your defense against rabbits.

People have asked garden shops for years "How can I keep bunnies form eating my garden?" Wild animals have always been a thorn is an gardeners side. People on garden forums are pleading "does anyone know of a product that is easy to install, works like chicken wire but is pretty?" - That is exactly what we designed.

BunnyFence is meant for that special "WOW" in your garden. It is this protection that will save your beautiful flowers from year to year and also save you money.

The versatile panels create your design so try 3 up against a wall to protect that clematis or a creative triangle or 4 to make a cube. The metal panels are coated in green, black or white.

5 designs to choose from.  3 Colors

Look below at the base of these Asiatic Lillies. The bunnyfence keep the rabbits away!
No chemicals. No Chicken wire!

Use The Bunnyfence Fortress
to protect medium to high growing flowers,bushes, trees and plants

There is absolutely no way I would be able to grow
stargazer lillies in my garden. They would be gone the next day unless I protect them with BunnyFence!

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