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garden art that protects


Handmade by artisans in India, the metal designs are gorgeous


Dark green and black do not distract from your flowers


Bunnyfence is a fortress that keep the rabbits away

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5 designs • black, green, or white


Large Scrolls



Small heart scrolls

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Bunnyfence protects yours precious plants

  • Grow What You Want - Worryfree, chemical free

  • Each panel design is 16" wide by 15" high with 4" spikes. The prongs fit into the tubes to lock them together. 
  • Add the top angled part after you build your design at a 45° angle so rabbits can't stand up to feed on your flowers. 
  • 4 panels = 1 cube.

  • We invented a beautiful fence like a garden vase.
  • No more coyote urine, pepper spray that can wash away, or deeroff.

  • It embellishes your garden AND protects. It is non-toxic, lasts for years, and protects those special, MEDIUM TO TALL flowers. The armour shield is your defense against rabbits.
  • People have asked garden shops for years "How can I keep bunnies form eating my garden?" Wild animals have always been a thorn is an gardeners side. People on garden forums are pleading "does anyone know of a product that is easy to install, works like chicken wire but is pretty?" - That is exactly what we designed.
  • The versatile panels create your design so try 3 up against a wall to protect that clematis or a creative triangle or 4 to make a cube. The metal panels are coated in green, black or white.
  • 5 designs to choose from.  3 Colors

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